Noonan Poetry Reading at Gateway Totem plaza April 1

Join Morris Arts for a poetry reading of works by  John Noonan – the first program at the Gateway Totem plaza area, located in front of the Grow It Green Community Garden on Early Street in Morristown. 

Noonan Poetry ReadingJohn Noonan was born and raised in Morristown. He took to the road in his early 20s and over the next 15 years he lived in Arizona, Colorado, California, Alaska and New York City. In that time he worked as a carpenter, fisherman, bartender, painter, cook, tree surgeon and more. He settled in Paris in the late 1980s and died there in 2009, at the age of 57.

John started writing poetry in the mid-1970s and never stopped. He created a body of work that remains fresh and insightful, full of the energy and love he shared wherever he went. John became a highly regarded figure in the Paris expatriate poetry community, well known for his heartfelt, sharp-eyed poems about life in America, and for his unique, jazz-inflected reading style.

Though he lived many places in his life, Morristown was John’s true home. During his time in Paris, he made it a point to bring his wife and three children here for a visit every year. He loved this place.

The event is free and open to the public.