May 2018 – Arts in Education Events

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2018 Arts in Education Showcase – April 30 & May 1st    Watch Video Preview   

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Principals, Teachers, Cultural Arts leaders, PTA members, mark your calendars for April 30th and May 1st, 2018, from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, and join us for our annual Arts in Education Showcase. Two amazing days to preview over 30 exceptional programs in dance, music, visual arts, theatre, poetry and storytelling. These programs are all available for school presentations for the 2018-2019 school year. Each performer or group will “showcase” highlights from their full length programs allowing you to preview over 15 presentations per day. Our artists and performers come from far and wide for this event (California, Toronto, Rome, Vermont) to afford schools and their representatives the opportunity to see first-hand what these programs are all about.This event is also a great opportunity to meet and network with representatives from other schools and share ideas about cultural arts.

There is free parking on the campus for this event and there will be signs for parking as well as assistance from campus security if you need directions.

We want ALL schools to be able to attend this event. If your school is unable to pay the annual membership fee of $70. please contact us. Teachers and Administrators may attend free of charge.

YOUR SCHOOL MEMBERSHIP MATTERS. Morris Arts serves as a regional resource (connecting schools in 13 counties to exceptional arts programs) and we do not charge any commissions or fees on assemblies or workshops. Instead – we ask schools and artists to support our work through membership. Most schools renew their annual $70. school membership in the spring, that way, in addition to attending the Showcase, members schools will receive a copy of our annual Arts in Education Program Guide and invitations to attend our Cultural Arts Exchange and Artist Residency Roundtable. Member schools may register up to 5 guests from their school per Showcase day. The school membership form can be printed out from our website and mailed to Morris Arts or brought to the Showcase.

If your school is unable to pay a membership fee please contact Barbara Reuther for more information or call 973-285-5115 ext 16.If you are a Cultural Arts Planner for a community, library, YMCA or other organization and would like to attend the Showcase – please contact Barbara Reuther to register.

To learn more about becoming a member or renewing your school membership click here. 


2018 Regional Cultural Arts Exchange – May 8th    

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Cultural Arts Representatives, please join us on May 8th from 9:30-12:00 at the Morris County Public Library for the Regional Cultural Arts Exchange. This gathering provides a great opportunity for cultural arts representatives to share ideas and experiences and exchange feedback on assembly programs, workshops and residencies. It also allows for networking between schools and making contacts for coordinating future block bookings.

Each member school attending the event should download and complete a list of exceptional programs booked during the last school  year. Click here to download form.

Please remember that our goal is focus on exceptional programs and not to bash any programs so please just list the standouts as you complete your list.  Please print 50 copies of your list and bring those to the meeting to share with other schools.

It’s helpful if you print on colored paper or draw a symbol (flower, star, etc.) on the top left corner of your list as this will help participants identify your page easily once the discussion begins. You will have an opportunity to speak for just a few minutes, so we request that you mention only your most memorable programs, this will allow time for everyone to participate. For more information contact Barbara Reuther


2018 Artist Residency Roundtable – May 24th  

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What is an Artist Residency? What are the benefits? Who are the artists? How is it scheduled? What are the costs? How many students can participate? How can I bring this kind of program to my school?

We invite Teachers, Administrators and Cultural Arts Representatives to join us on May 24th from 9:30-12:30 at Morris Arts in Morristown, to learn all about our Artist Residency Programs. We will present an overview of our programs and you’ll also have an opportunity to meet some of our Teaching Artists.

Come and be inspired!