3rd Saturdays at Morris View

Morris Music Men serenade Morris View residents, Rose Matera (100) and her sister, Mary Soranno (101)

With funding from the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders, Morris Arts provides artistic programming for a monthly concert series held at the county’s Morris View Healthcare Center. Programming is varied and brings everything from choral groups and jazz musicians to classical chamber groups, dancers, magicians and folk singers to Morris View, providing entertainment and stimulation for the residents, staff and visitors on the third Saturday of each month, 12 months a year.

To read a little about the offerings of 2014, click here:
3rd Saturdays at Morris View publicity, 2014.

Some of the 2014 performers at Morris View:
The Latin Saxophone Quartet; Tap dancer Hillary Marie Michael; Hot jazz group, Dr. Dubious and the Agnostics; The Claremont Strings Duo (Classical); Peter Smith School of Irish Dance; Marimba master Greg Giannascoli; Anthony Almonte of ALMONTE, salsa and Latin band; Afrika meets India, the Kevin Hylton Duo; and Harmonium Choral Society.

To hear a little of a performance by The Ben Trio, click HERE,  Tsu Fil Duvids klezmer band, click HERE or to see a little of Balinese dancing, click HERE
The 2013  schedule featured performances by the Ed Alstrom Duo (jazz), the Morris Music Men, The Conroy Warren Duo (Caribbean music), Masterwork Chorus (classical), Grover Kemble and Friends (jazz, R&B), Harmonium Choral Society, The Ben Trio (jazz), Tsu Fil Duvids (Klezmer), Ballet Enchante (ballet), Mariachi Citlalli (Mexican mariachi music), Spook Handy (Americana/folk).







L-R: The Ben Trio (jazz trio); Tsu Fil Duvids (Klezmer band)








L-R: Ed Alstrom ensemble; Mariachi Citlalli; Harmonium Choral Society

BALI comes to Morris View in October, 2012:

One of the most unusual and exciting programs to date occurred on October 20, 2012 when eight members of the  BALAM Dance Theatre brought dances (and costumes) from Bali, the French Baroque, Japan, Spain, classical ballet and Broadway to Morris View. A record audience of resident seniors attended, along with  family members and staff who didn’t want to miss the day’s unique performance.

It was exhilarating and inspiring to see the joy and wonder on the faces of the residents. It was a reminder, once again, of how deeply the arts touch even the most frail among us.



L-R: Inma Heredia with Carlos Fittante; entranced audiences at Morris View; Dancers waiting in the “wings” to perform.

As BALAM describes the performance on its blog , “A room full of seniors, most of whom were in wheel chairs, smiled, clapped and sang along throughout the whole show.  It was remarkable how the dancers’  physicality beckoned the the frailest seniors back into the their bodies and into a more awakened state.  Dance was truly healing in this context!”

Here are a few videos from the event:

Balinese Dancing:
Balinese dancer Nani Devi begins the performance of  Oleg Tambulilingan, a depicting the courtship of bees.
BALAM’s Artistic Director, Carlos Fittante, dancing the role of the male bee, joins Nani Devi in the performance.
And, together, they portray a more lengthy, intricate flirtation before finally coming together at the end of the dance.

French Baroque Dance
Inspired by the court dances of Louis XIV, the “Sun King,” this dance,  Entree d’Apollon (Entry of Apollo) was created by Feuillet in 1701 and showcases the elaborate footwork and costuming featured at the French royal court.

Spanish Dance and Song:
Castanets click as Carlos Fittante performs intricate love dance, La Madrilena, a Spanish Escuela Bolera with guest artist Barbara Romera of Danzas Espanolas.

Billed as “the world’s only Flamenco stand-up comedian,” Inma Heredia sings a passionate song about bulls and bullfighting.

Improvisation, Broadway style
Olsi Gjeci dances this wonderful improvisation to Stevie Wonder’s well-known song, “You Can Feel It All Over.”




L-R: Richard Reiter’s Swing Trio; Alborada Spanish Dance Theatre; Conroy Warren and Music of the Caribbean; Morris View residents enjoying klezmer band, Tsu Fil Duvids.