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Morris Arts’ new Arts Everywhere! initiative creates innovative events that introduce the arts into non-traditional venues. Founded in 1973, the mission of Morris Arts is to bring the arts to the center of community life.  With a passionate belief in the power of the arts to connect, inspire, and engage, we are committed to making our community more livable by providing arts programming that helps to build sustainable community.        

Join us for Art Around the Park June 15, 2013  5 pm to 8pm

Experience the work of established and emerging artists at Art Around the Park, Morristown’s quarterly celebration of the visual arts. Art Around the Park features contemporary exhibitions at downtown galleries and alternative art venues located in proximity to Morristown’s Historic Green. Maps and general information about this free, self-guided tour may be obtained at all six exhibition spaces or

Past Events have included…

Morris Arts’ 3rd annual Pumpkin Illumination event provided some much needed respite from storm worries on Sunday night as happy crowds gathered at the Vail Mansion reflecting pool.

Although the Morristown Mayor and his wife were appropriately concentrating on the Town’s storm preparations and NBC recalled its meteorologist, Janice Huff, to assist with storm monitoring, the hardy souls who were at liberty to attend clearly enjoyed Julie Pasqual’s dramatic and entertaining “scary” storytelling and the artists’ “carve-off. ” It was a chance to grab in some of the Halloween spirit before the storm took over.

The Pumpkin Illumination Event is part of Arts Everywhere!, a program of Morris Arts’ intended to bring expressive, spontaneous, free and fun artistic happenings to nontraditional spaces and to promote a sense of community through the arts. This year’s event is generously sponsored by


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Enjoy videos from Pumpkin Illumination:

Scary stories with storyteller Julie Pasqual kept children and parents in rapt attention.

Julie brings stories right to the children, click here and here.

The children say the number “five” despite the threat from the giant spider.

Even the parents get drawn into the conclusion of the giant spider story.

Kadie Dempsey polls the audience reaction for the pumpkin carving contest.


Here are some photos from the event:


L-R: Sandy Almassy as Hurricane Sandy; The Bueno Family; The Cain Family; The Carr Family; Artist carver Dan Fenelon and audience.



L-R: Getting in the spirit of Halloween: Susan Nobleman dressed as one-eyed monster;  kids and adults listen raptly to storyteller Julie Pasqual; Couple with candy-corn witch hats get in the spirit of Halloween.


L-R: Some of the creatively carved  pumpkins at Pumpkin Illumination: Skeleton picnic; prizewinning