Music Beyond Borders brings Japanese Taiko drumming to Green

 Roughly translated, taiko means big drums – and that’s exactly what the group Taikoza brought to the Morristown Green on July 9, 2013 – big drums (some weighing 150 lbs.!), powerful rhythms and electrifying, heart pounding energy that draws from Japan’s rich musical traditions. Led by Marco Lienhard, this internationally acclaimed, NYC-based ensemble has performed at Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, Symphony Space and Lincoln Center as well as to sold-out houses in Russia, Japan and Europe.

Breaking prior attendance records for Music Beyond Borders, over 375 people came out to hear the powerful, mesmerizing rhythms of the large taiko drums and to enjoy the melodies of  the fue and shakuhachi flutes. The ensemble also performed on a variety of drums and and entranced the audience of young and old with Japanese folk dances and comedic mime performed by Chikako Saito. The children especially enjoyed dancing, cymbal playing and trying their hands at the big drums.

Want more? On September 15, 2013 at 7pm, a larger contingent from Taikoza will be performing with Ichiro Jishoya, a guest from Japan, at Symphony Space in NYC. Tickets are available at Taikoza also has a new CD at and











L-R: An enthralled audience; Drummers Marguerite Bunyan and Marco Lienhard; Drummers Marco Lienhard and Chikako Saito.












L-R: Young girl tries her hand at taiko drumming; Mime encourages child to approach drums; Marco Lienhard plays fue flute.









L-R: Chikako Saito twirls parasol as part of rain dance; The Taikoza trio in action with Marco Lienhard, Chikako Saito and Marguerite Bunyan.

To see Chikako Saito perform the rain dance, click here.

To see the Taikoza trio drumming with flagged drumsticks, click here. 

Watch Chikako Saito perform dual parasol dance here.

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