Morris Arts – Artist Residency Programs

It’s been a busy a school year so far with Morris Arts – Artist Residency programs taking place in many of our local schools. These programs provide students with creative, hands-on experience in the arts. Professional teaching artists guide student learning in a variety of art forms such as Dance, Visual Arts, Theatre, Storytelling, Music and more. These programs provide innovative ways of learning about a variety of subjects.

Pre-K through 3rd grade Students at Milton Avenue School in Chatham worked with teaching artist Caren Frost Olmsted to create a mural for their school entryway. Here’s a video with highlights of the mural process.


4th and 5th Grade Students at Lincoln Hubbard School in Summit worked with teaching artist Kevin O’Keefe for two weeks and created a Circus which explored cultures from around the world. Here’s a video with highlights of the Circus Residency.



Students at Riverview School in Denville worked with teaching artist Joanna Pang Atkins to learn about selected countries and their traditional folk dances. Enjoy this look behind the scenes at this artist residency program.