Music Beyond Borders: Revisit the World with us and Eco Del Sur (ancient and contemporary South American Music)

Although the coronavirus likely prevents us from presenting Music Beyond Borders this summer, we thought you might enjoy revisiting some of the wonderful moments from past performances.

For  10 years, Music Beyond Borders, a collaboration between Morris Arts and Mayo Performing Arts Center has offered this summer series of free outdoor programs of world music and dance….bringing a taste of cultures from six continents to summer lunchtimes on the Morristown Green.

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane and sample some of the past delights of Music Beyond Borders – with Eco Del Sur (Ancient and Contemporary South American Music), June 24, 2014

Video used by permission of Kevin Coughlin, Editor,

And check out some spontaneous, multigenerational community dancing:



Eco del Sur, which means “Echoes of the South,” was founded in 2000 and consists of South American artists from such countries as Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru who explore and perform ancient Andean music as well as contemporary music from different Latin American regions. Representing a diverse mixture of backgrounds and musical experiences, the ensemble members have each mastered several indigenous and contemporary instruments such as the pan-pipes and wooden flutes created by Pre-Colombian civilizations. Eco Del Sur also utilizes the string and percussion instruments introduced to Latin American by the Spanish and African heritage cultures. Eco Del Sur offers workshops, demonstrations and assemblies for different grade levels and has performed widely, at numerous public venues, folk festivals, universities and multicultural events throughout the United States.

A large enthusiastic audience enjoyed the performance and the chance to hear and see instruments from throughout South America.

Here are some PHOTOS from Eco Del Sur’s performance:




Additional VIDEOS:

Watch Eco Del Sur perform a spirited version of Il Condor Passa (originally a Peruvian tune, best known in Paul Simon’s version “If I Could”) HERE and another lively piece  HERE.

Of course, the music demanded dancing and you can see how multiple generations responded  HERE .

More press coverage:
You can see a  front page cover story by William Westhoven in the June 25,2014 issue of The Daily Record.

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