Morris Arts’ THROUGH WOMEN’S EYES Exhibit and Sale at the Atrium Gallery

Looking for a fun holiday activity with family or friends? Searching for a truly unique gift? Don’t miss Morris Arts’ exhibit, Through Women’s Eyes. This free exhibit is a visual feast, showcasing 151 works by five women artists – Medy  Bozkurtian, Isabella Pizzano, Lisa Moran, Kay Reese and Marilyn Greenberg –  located in the Atrium Gallery, floors 2-5 of the Morris County Records & Administration Building, 10 Court Street, Morristown. Curator Dr. Lynn L. Siebert says, “the exhibit offers viewers powerful, thought-provoking images created by award-winning artists whose brilliant colors, dramatic forms and unique media intrigue the eye and stimulate the imagination.”  With works ranging from the figurative to abstract impressionism, this exhibit also highlights the importance and richness of women’s artistic voices. 

On the fifth floor, Bulgarian-born artist Medy Bozkurtian offers 38 richly varied works that range from expressive realism and impressionism to abstract expressionism. Reflecting her worldwide travels and her training in music, Bozkurtian’s artworks capture the intangible quality of light and mood, and the “flavor” of each setting she depicts.

On the fourth floor, 40 works by Italian-born artist Isabella Pizzano include acrylics, watercolors and mixed media. These abstract expressionist works veritably burst with color, imagination and energy. As a Signature member of the International Society of Experimental Artists, Isabella adds, “I am always in search of innovative techniques as well as a unique way to use color and design.”   She clearly succeeds.

On the third floor, nearly 50 works by Lisa Marseglia Moran range from vividly and imaginatively colored landscapes in oil to the subtle delicacy of floral designs made of woven paper. Influenced by Abstract-Expressionists like Kandinsky and DeKooning, Moran works in oils but has also created an award-winning style of mixed media works where multiple drawings, paintings or block prints are woven together to create a single, abstracted image.

Two contrasting artists share their visions on the second floor:

Award winning African American artist/ photographer Kay Reese’s “Witness to Captivity” series includes 14 photo-based digitally collaged prints on canvas which she describes as follows: “…in the context of Dadaist and surrealist format, my assemblages and photo-based collages become de-constructive strategies to explore the dichotomies between collective truth, reality, desire and freedom.” Her powerful abstract imagery becomes a universal language to convey the horror, brutality and suffering of all captivity.

Providing dramatic contrast, Marilyn Greenberg’s 10 abstract acrylics on Yupo paper are bright, whimsical, imaginative and meticulously executed abstracts that also explore important themes. Influenced by Italian circus parades, shadow puppetry in Indonesia, nature, and biology, Greenberg – who had served on the Brooklyn Museum’s Advisory Board and on the Elizabeth Sackler Center for Feminist Art – combines images in unlikely yet artistically intriguing, captivating ways.

 Happily, almost all of these original, one-of a kind art works are available for purchase.  Free catalogues, with pricing and information, are found on floors 2-5 of the gallery and online at The Atrium Art Gallery is free and open to the public during business hours, 8:30am-4:30pm and until midnight on December 31 (New Year’s Eve), as part of First Night Morris County’s cultural programming.   The exhibit remains in place until January 8, 2023.