2022 Carolyn Ward Residency

Arts in Education Residency Grant
Dover Middle School

“The collaboration between students, artist and staff was extraordinary and especially important coming out of the isolation experienced during the pandemic. The effort resulted in a work of art that truly enhances the school. We are grateful to the individuals whose contributions made this grant award possible and we congratulate the students, staff, and artist on a highly successful artist residency program.” –Director Arts in Education, Barbara Reuther

In October 2022, we unveiled the inaugural Carolyn Ward Arts in Education Residency mural project. Thanks to the generosity of group of donors, we were able to award a grant valued at $5,500 to Dover Middle School.
Given many choices, the principal and teachers selected artist Dan Fenelon for a mural residency and the result is a vibrant and colorful work of art that celebrates the diversity of student interests and talents. The completed mural transformed a very bland corridor into a colorful and inviting space that students pass through each day on their way to classes. The students and staff could not have been more grateful for this grant, and we don’t think we could have found a more deserving school. 
The video above captures the sentiments of students and administrators celebrating this exciting new work at their school. 
If you are interested in supporting Arts in Education, please contact Debra Broseker at dbroseker@morrisarts.org or 973.285.5115 x17.