Arts in Health: Our Newest Initiative

The latest research in the field of Neuroaesthetics has confirmed something we’ve long believed – that engagement in the arts can have positive, lasting impacts on health.

  • Music can improve cognitive function in people with dementia and help to relieve symptoms of trauma.
  • Dance can ease symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease and improve psychological health.
  • Poetry can help hospice patients face end-of-life challenges.

… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With this in mind, we’re introducing an Arts in Health initiative to bring the healing power of the arts to Morris County and beyond.

Many of our current school and community programs strongly align with our Arts in Health goals, but we’re eager to expand our outreach and offerings. To drive this new initiative, we plan to build upon resources in our county, collaborate with regional partners, and seek guidance from leaders in the field.

In fact, we’ve already begun! This spring we are pleased provide two Creative Aging Residencies. These workshops help aging adults improve their quality of life though storytelling and memoir writing.

Led by author and poet, Paul Rabinowitz, these workshops are being offered at two distinct locations: Second Inning Senior Center in Whippany and The Gateway Community Center in Boonton. During each session, participants bring photographs and objects of significance from their lives to prompt them to write about their heritage. Additionally, Paul uses excerpts from memoirs, music, dance, and other art forms to spark memories and inspiration.

These programs are ongoing and have already been a great success, with the series at Second Inning bringing in nearly 80 seniors!

The arts offer inspiration, solace, healing, learning, joy, and meaning for all of us. We are thrilled to delve into the Arts in Health space so we can bring the healing power of the arts to Morris County. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we roll out this new initiative and programming!