Mosaic Project at Frelinghuysen Middle School

On May 7, Frelinghuysen Middle School unveiled their stunning Class of 2024 Mosaic Legacy Project. During this two-month project, Mosaic and Tile Artist, Laura Lyn Stern, worked with over 300 eighth graders to create three medallions representing each of the houses at FMS.

These three mosaics are made up of tiles created by each student which surround a colorful design symbolizing each house.

From a glazed donut to a trumpet to a New York Giants logo, the students’ tiles capture their diverse hobbies, interests, and talents. “It was fun for me to be able to express who I am in a tile”, said eighth grader Briana Baires. “When you’re looking at this project, you don’t just see a beautiful piece of artwork, you see our FMS community”, said another student, Sophia Temnycky.

Although the creation of these mosaics took two months, the process began in September. First, Laura Lyn had multiple meetings with school staff to plan a project that would involve the entire class. This was no easy task given that there are over 300 students in the eighth grade class. Then, Laura Lyn drew several drafts to create the perfect design.

The goal? To allow each student to leave a piece of their legacy at FMS after graduation. “You’re going to come back in 20 years with your children, point out your piece, and say ‘that’s what I did in eighth grade’”, Laura Lyn said.

We’re especially proud to have helped make this project possible through the Keefauver Artist Residency Grant along with funding from our friends at the Morris Educational Foundation. Congratulations to the FMS Class of 2024 on their graduation and on this outstanding piece of art!

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