Her Words

Take a look at our latest Her Words class at their culminating performance, “What They Don’t Tell You,” a play written collaboratively by the teen members.
Video by Erico Rovayo.

Her Words – Spring 2023 Program
Teen girls in Morristown Middle and High School are welcome to join Her Words. Students will meet on Wednesdays from 5–7pm at the Morristown Neighborhood House (12 Flagler Street, Morristown) from March 22 through May 30. Refreshments will be provided at each session. Please contact Adia Harris, Program Director, at (973) 538-1229 or aharris@cfp-mnh.org or Cyndall Brice at cbrice@morrisarts.org to join the program.

About the Program
Her Words is a creative arts and mentoring program that offers free workshops on the arts, expressive writing, and wellness for teen girls from Morristown middle school and high school.  Her Words empowers them to share their stories, shape their future, and create change in their lives and communities.

In Her Words, youth participate in expressive writing and creative arts workshops; learn about self-care strategies and issues that matter to them; collaborate on a creative group project; and create bonds with other teens in a supportive community. The program centers relationship- and community-building in a trusted environment, where students feel safe to s share their stories.

The Her Words curriculum focuses on storytelling through the creative arts, including expressive writing in many genres. It also focuses on self-care strategies, wellness, and current issues that shape teens’ lives. Workshops are led by program staff as well as visiting teaching artists and speakers.

Because the program is free, fluid and varied, students who might otherwise not have an opportunity to participate in such an extensive arts program discover their talents, learn new skills, and become more flexible with life’s expected demands. They find their voice, hone their writing and performing skills, build confidence and develop into leaders. Longtime members of the group have become paid interns in the summer program, responsible for leading exercises and group discussions and some have even progressed to become leaders of the program.

Click here to download the zine, “What Will My Verse Be?” which features flash fiction, poetry, flash memoir and monologues written by teen members of Her Words during the 2020-2021 school year. 

Click here to hear the young women of Her Words read selections from their creative writing. 

Her Words is a program of Morris Arts in partnership with the Morris School District in Morristown, New Jersey. Our staff is Adia Harris, Program Director and Lead Teaching Artist and Cyndall Brice, Program Administrator.